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Here are various random things that I have written over the years that I thought to be worth saving. Most of them are short essays, email or Usenet discussions. I generally don't add anything here anymore and just write blog entries instead.

Page Warflying Experiment 1
We fly over San Diego in a small plane with a laptop looking for unsecured 802.11b wireless access points.
Page Linux can save you money!
A usenet posting from Rex Ballard who always posted excellent comments.
Page Unamerican?
Microsoft calls Open Source software "Unamerican".
Image warflying.jpg
A map of our warflying exploits over San Diego.
Page Linux is easy!
Linux is easier to use than most people think.
Page A debate on Open Source security
A debate on the security of Open Source software.
Page Linux Technology vs NT
A comparison of Linux vs NT technology
Page SDSU's Telecommunications and Network Services cheated me!
A collection of emails exchanged over the suspension of my network access at SDSU. 9 years later and the incompetence of these bozos still ticks me off! I really never liked SDSU anyhow.
Page Why I like Linux
An essay/newsgroup posting on why I like Linux
Page An essay on computers in military applications
An essay I wrote for a college class on computers in military applications.
Page Ease of use vs ease of learning
Investing a little time in learning to use good tools now can save you much more time in the future!
Page Unix vs Windows
This is a very long email I composed extolling the virtues of Unix as compared to Windows.
Page Rebels Against The Future
A discussion of the book "Rebels Against The Future" by Kirkpatric Sale
Page What do you do when your employer is a spammer?
I wrote this nice little rant back when I was at and posted it on the company message board. I love to ruffle some feathers! The poor programmers who spent their days earning their paychecks by spamming people were offended that I pointed out that their jobs have a net negative effect on society. Sometimes the truth hurts! The characters of my various coworkers were all made pretty clear to me based on all of the "Way to go!" comments vs. those who sat silently fuming or complaining to management about those who dare to have a little integrity. A discussion came up about spamming and someone said that all the victim has to do is request to be unsubscribed...
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