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I am a Linux enthusiast, a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot, and a traveller. I am interested in all aspects of computing and technology in general, especially Linux and Free Software. As an avid pilot I can be found somewhere over the skies of the southwestern US most weekends.  As a traveller I have been to many interesting places. Check out my photo gallery. Want to get me something cool? Check out my wish list!



Linux at Target

by Tracy R Reed — last modified Jan 02, 2009 03:51 AM
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Target is selling EEE PC's with Linux in their stores.

To follow up on my last posting I just noticed that Target has EEE PC's that come pre-installed with Linux in-stock. You can order straight through the website or search for a local store. I put in my zip code and it turns out the Target store just a block away from here has them in-stock as well. As of October 2008 Asus had sold 4 million EEE PC's with a goal of 5 million by the end of the year. This means the home-user Linux base grew by a lot over the last year. has them as well as

The EEE PC is sold with both Linux and Windows. Asus claims that there is no higher return rate on Linux netbooks and they are the number one vendor. According to Asus CEO Jerry Chen their Windows/Linux production ratio is 6:4, which means 40% are Linux.

More Linux on desktops means less Windows which means less spam/viruses/malware or similar shenannigans and that sounds good to me!

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