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Who is Tracy Reed?

I am a Linux enthusiast, a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot, and a traveller. I am interested in all aspects of computing and technology in general, especially Linux and Free Software. As an avid pilot I can be found somewhere over the skies of the southwestern US most weekends.  As a traveller I have been to many interesting places. Check out my photo gallery. Want to get me something cool? Check out my wish list!




This is a Vietnamese toilet commonly found behind the house in small villages. It is a small platform with a hole in it on bamboo stilts out over a catfish pond. You take a shit and it falls into the water and the catfish eat it. You then eventually eat the catfish. It's the circle of life! Yes, the cooley hat is a local doing his business. I tried to get the action shot but I guess he was having problems today or something.

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