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Who is Tracy Reed?

I am a Linux enthusiast, a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot, and a traveller. I am interested in all aspects of computing and technology in general, especially Linux and Free Software. As an avid pilot I can be found somewhere over the skies of the southwestern US most weekends.  As a traveller I have been to many interesting places. Check out my photo gallery. Want to get me something cool? Check out my wish list!



The Good List & The Naughty List

For quite a while I have been considering adding a list of people, businesses, and services I have had a good experience with and can recommend to my website. As well as a list of people, businesses, and services I cannot recommend.

The Good List:

Plus One Flyers - If you need an aircraft or want to learn how to fly, this is the place. I've been a member for 10 years and they have been a great club.

AAA - Yes, Triple A. I was pretty so-so on them before. They occasionally save me a few bucks on plane tickets or hotel and take a lot of the legwork out of booking complicated international trips. But when I got a nail in my tire causing a slow leak and funny noises when driving at 5pm on a Saturday when I had to drive someone to LAX for an international flight that very night I hit every tire shop in the area and they all told me no chance. I finally called AAA. The guy started calling around and found me a Pep Boys that was open until 8, had the tire in stock, and could replace it for me that evening. Saved me a ton of hassle and expense on renting a car to make the drive to LA!

Mission Bay Vacation Rentals - If you need property management services call these guys. Jason does a great job renting out my property.

Bears Used Tires - 7023 Carroll Road Suite A, San Diego, CA 92121. I bought some good cheap tires from these guys and they installed them very fast.

Tim Johnson, Handyman - When my place in San Diego needs some fixing and I'm not up to the job I call Tim. He has some creative solutions to getting things done right and inexpensively. You can call Tim at 619-444-3020

The Naughty List:

DVIG (Data Voice Integration Group), Michael Jennings, Paul Epstein - These guys claim to be VOIP and telecommunications providers but seem to promise things they cannot deliver. They caused me serious problems with my clients when I depended on them and they just fell off the face of the earth. Didn't return phone calls, emails, etc. I also worked on a project for them for a couple of weeks and they disappeared without paying. If you run into these schmucks tell them to at least say goodbye when they are going to stiff you.

Telepacket, Hostingpacket, Loudpacket, whoever they call themselves this week. Including Luan "Frank" Kim, An "Alan" Ngo, Jeff Richey - They make promises to clients they can't keep and sell expensive products which do not yet exist. They stiff suppliers on their bills. They were 3 months behind on payroll with me, refused to cash out vacation pay when I left, tried to lie to the California Division of Labor about why they didn't have to pay it, and wrecklessly threw a bunch of poor Vietnamese programmers out of work when they had to close their Ho Chi Minh City office (where I spent 6 months as Director of Software Development) due to very poor management on Luan "Frank" Kim's part. Real sleezebags in my opinion. I have heard that Luan Kim has fled Southern California and gone to build a new life in Perry, IA. It seems that Luan has since incorporated companies in the name of Canicall and Filanity. Filanity was fined $36,000 for violating Missouri's no-call list: It seems the dude just can't stay out of trouble. Oops...looks like Canicall didn't last long and met an ignominious end as well. State records say: "All of Canicall Corporation's powers, rights and privileges in the State of California have been suspended. This could have happened because they failed to file a return and/or pay taxes to the California Franchise Tax Board, or because they failed to make certain informational filings with the California Secretary of State. The specific reason for this suspension can be found by ordering a status report from the Secretary of State." Failure to pay taxes sounds likely give my experience.

US Airways - See for the full story.

Pacific Homeworks - A couple years ago I sat down with these guys at my home to consider some new windows. Big mistake! Sleazy high pressure sales. They were hard to get rid of. And now they keep calling me every few months even though I have told them twice very strongly not to. I am here writing this review because just moments ago I got yet another annoying phone call. When I told him I still wasn't interested and never to call again the guy said "I'll just note that you don't have the money right now for home improvements." (implying that I was some sort of indigent) and hung up. Snotty jerk. This was the last straw. These guys are now on my list of companies to ruin for being complete jerks.

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