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Who is Tracy Reed?

I am a Linux enthusiast, a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot, and a traveller. I am interested in all aspects of computing and technology in general, especially Linux and Free Software. As an avid pilot I can be found somewhere over the skies of the southwestern US most weekends.  As a traveller I have been to many interesting places. Check out my photo gallery. Want to get me something cool? Check out my wish list!



Use Mozilla Firefox!

I have been using Mozilla Firefox as my web browser for a number of years now and I love it. I even use it on the rare occasions I have to use a Windows computer because it blows IE away.

  1. Tabs (I have 16 different websites open right now! Why? Good question.)
  2. Better security (no automatic execution of certain scripts and file types etc)
  3. Extensions!
  4. It is Free/Open Source software

I think extensions are the best part. The web browser is totally customizable via plugins a.k.a. extensions. My list of favorite firefox extensions which I have installed right now:

  • Bookmarks synchronizer - Uploads my bookmarks to a server via webdav and redownloads and combines when I start my web browser so I have a backup of my bookmarks and I have the same bookmarks on all of my installations of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Greasemonkey - Lets the user apply scripts and rules to webpages that are downloaded so you can automatically change the look and behavior of any website to suit your taste.
  • Platypus - Dynamically generate greasemonkey scripts. This means you can use a simple GUI to change the layout or look of any website easily.
  • Resizeable textarea - Just grab the edge of any text area which is too small to display what you want to write and resize it.
  • SessionSaver - Keeps track of what sites you have open in your tabs so if your browser crashes or is killed for any reason it opens up the same sites again when you restart it.
  • Tab Mix Plus - Lets you re-open accidentally deleted tabs, change the order of tabs, many useful things.
  • Web developer - This script is the most useful of them all if you do website development like I do. With just a click it will show you what css is applies to any element, let you change the css on the fly, and many other useful things.
  • DOM Inspector - DOM Inspector is a tool that can be used to inspect and edit the live DOM of any web document or XUL application. The DOM hierarchy can be navigated using a two-paned window that allows for a variety of different views on the document and all nodes within. Great with Web Developer extension.
  • Adsense Notifier - Shows me how much money I have made off of google ads this month.
  • Sage - An RSS aggregator that can automatically discover RSS feeds, notify you of updates, and of course display the feed in a nice interface for which you can download different styles via css.
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