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As a currently practicing cybersecurity consultant, security architect, and vCISO I bring you:

With 27 years of experience in the cybersecurity business, I have seen it all. Intrusions, incident response, prosecutions, civil suits.

I avoid jargon and offer a gentle yet pursuasive education of the judge and jury by simplifying (without loss of accuracy) the most complex concepts by breaking them down into understandable nuggets, thereby delivering the information in a friendly and non-condescending manner. My lecturing experience at UCSD serves me well here.

I would love to have the opportunity to use my excellent communication and teaching skills, honed via many years of presenting to investors, boards of directors, students, and clients to help you make your case.

Was there a ransomware attack? I can explain what industry best practice they failed to employ which allowed this to happen.

Are you a cybersecurity insurer? I can go through your policy requirements and show where they failed to meet them and therefore why you shouldn’t pay out.

It has been very useful to go through the applicable security standards (HIPAA, PCI, SOC, etc.) and find noncompliance and therefore liability.

Or to look at the weaknesses of the evidence presented and it’s inherent technological amibiguities and lack of meaning what they say it means and possibly even revealing its exculpatory nature.

Need forensic a forensic investigation? Based on my extensive experience with logging technologies, intrusion detection systems, data storage, etc. I can use the vast array of software tools at my disposal to sort through a massive amount of data and evidence to extract the key bits that we need to make our case.

Tracy Reed


Cybersecurity Architect

Cybersecurity Expert Witness

Corporate Charter Pilot
"I have a very particular set of skills..."

Cybersecurity Architect, Expert Witness, and Security/Linux Instructor teaching and mentoring the next generation of security professionals.

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