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New website!

After several years of admiring the software from afar I have finally
dived into zope/plone/python. I have a number of big projects in the
works, several of which will require a website with some pretty
sophisticated web applications so it is the right time. I figured the
best way to learn it is to just dive in and immerse myself so the first
thing I am doing is converting my personal website over. I will be
doing all sorts of experimenting and customizing here so expect changes
and occasional periods of brokenness. The migration also meant that
several personal sites were down for a few days until I got around to
configuring apache to do url rewrites for those sites so they got
served out of the apache document root instead of being proxied to zope.

Last week I had a catastrophic LVM failure on the server which hosts my
websites and email so it was down for a while then too, I am working on
getting more redundant systems up to make everything more reliable
although that is more for company stuff and not the personal site.