Cryptography Lessons
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A couple of nights ago I gave a presentation on Xen at the Kernel Panic Linux User Group meeting. There were 30 people in attendance. I won 4 books in the raffle (which I need to write reviews on). A book on podcasting, one about RFID, and a set of two Samba books. Aside from the projector not working so I couldn't show anyone anything it went pretty well. I temporarily moved my server to the meeting site to demo a real working Xen system. My new server is an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ with 2G of RAM and 250G of SATA disk. I gave away or sold several other servers I had laying around and consolidated everything onto this one box and so far it is working out great. Notes from my presentation can be found here. My Xen box runs my personal workstation, webserver, mailserver, and firewall all in completely separate virtualized environments each with its own complete instance of the Linux OS called a "domain" in Xen terminology.  I may set up a new domain with M0n0wall to be the firewall in the near future. Someday I hope to set up some AoE disk and play with Xen's process migration.